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Who Should Seek Outpatient Treatment Program?

Posted: August 16, 2015 by in Alcohol and Drug Treatment Care Rehab


Not all people who seek addiction treatment will consider an outpatient treatment program as their best option. An outpatient program is made to address the specific needs of different patients. Your recovery efforts will depend on how well you choose your treatment program, so be sure to research your options. If you do choose an outpatient treatment program, here is what you need to know:

An Overview of Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient treatment programs can be simply described as a place where you show up for your treatment session, but are still able to return home afterwards. This means you can spend the rest of the night sleeping in your room and in the comfort of your own bed. There are other advantages that come along with an outpatient treatment program, like the luxury of spending more time with your family.  However, it is important to select the best treatment option for you, as outpatient treatment programs still have their disadvantages. You will have to deal with the temptation of relapsing on your own when you are away from the treatment facility. This is one of the primary concerns of most patients when choosing this type of treatment program. Another disadvantage is being re-exposed to things or places that had something to do with your drug use in the past. Having the wrong people around you may pressure you to relapse. Contrary to the outpatient treatment program, the inpatient treatment program provides a 100% drug-free environment.

The outpatient treatment program typically includes therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, and family or group therapies. In general, a patient can still experience the same treatment from an inpatient treatment program. The only difference is the flexibility to return home that comes with choosing an outpatient treatment program.

So who should seek an outpatient treatment program?

  • Those who still need to be present in their current job and attend meetings required by their employer.
  • Those who have stable family support at home. This means family or relatives that are drug-free, who will not contribute to the risk factors of relapse.
  • Those who can honestly stick to the programs plans, regardless of their current situation outside of the facility.

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