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Interventions for Centennial, Colorado

Are you concerned about a loved one who has changed because of drug and/or alcohol addiction? It’s hard to watch someone you love struggle with substance abuse, and sometimes equally hard to know how to help. Your loved one’s behavior may have grown increasingly unpredictable. Furthermore, most addicts are in denial about their addiction, which is why so many continue to use in the face of negative consequences. If this sounds like your situation, an intervention may be the best option for you.

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Intervention 101

An intervention is an organized meeting aimed at convincing an addict to seek treatment for their addiction. The group can consist of family members, friends, clergy, instructors, and anyone else who is concerned. They come together to confront the addict and to urge them to enter rehab.

Your loved one may not react well to this confrontation, as many addicts do not even realize that they have a problem. Others are in denial, and still others are simply unwilling to get help. Hopefully, what the group has to say will help them see the seriousness of their addiction and why going to rehab is so important.

Every intervention is unique, but there are a few subjects that should be addressed:

  •  The negative behavior of the addict as a result of their addiction.
  • The effect that this behavior has had on the addict and their loved ones.
  • The therapy plan along with instructions the addict has to follow.
  • The consequences of refusing treatment.

This way the addict knows what to expect from treatment, as well as what is expected of them. Consequences are a necessary part of the discussion, as it is never easy for an addict to give up their habit. Depending on your loved one’s mental state, it may take more than one intervention to get through to them.

Intervention & Rehab

It’s important to remember that an intervention is just the beginning of an addict’s healing process. It is not likely to lead to recovery unless the person enters rehab treatment right away. There they will learn more about addiction, identify their triggers, and gain the tools they need to stay sober long-term.

We recommend that a person enrolls in rehab on the same day as the intervention if possible. 

There are four major types of interventions:

  •  Simple intervention:  This can be as simple as asking your loved one to stop their negative behavior. They may be responsive right away, so try this first.  
  •  Crisis intervention: Use this if the addict is behaving in particularly dangerous ways. Reckless driving, violence, or extreme, erratic behavior are all reasons to confront them. 
  •  Classical Intervention: This type of meeting aims to persuade the person to agree to rehab immediately. It’s not a crisis, but nonetheless is motivated by urgency. 
  •  Family System Intervention: This is best for situations that include codependency, enabling or domestic violence. Family dysfunction can sometimes feed into addiction, requiring every family member to modify their behavior if the addict is to recover. 

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