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Self-Love: A Way Toward Sobriety

Posted: August 26, 2015 by in Alcohol and Drug Treatment Care Rehab

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Care Rehab

When you have been abusing drugs or alcohol for a period of time and decides to engage in rehab recovery programs, you may feel that there is nothing to love about you and you are not worth loving. But, substance abuse patients must know that it is the addiction talking because the disease of substance addiction is known to be deceptive. Addiction wants you to believe that you are a bad person because it will give you more reason to continuously abuse alcohol and drugs. Recovery from any type of substance addiction requires you to learn to love yourself. Though you did some bad things in the past because of your addiction, such as unintentionally hurting the people around you, you must believe that there are still many good things about you that you must be proud of. Self-love is the first step in this process.

In order for you to become more comfortable and calm in taking the road towards a sober life, you must begin to notice all the right things that you do. Start appreciating things that you accomplish like simply being able to live each day without drinking alcohol or abusing drugs. Many rehab centers including Alcohol and Drug Treatment Care Rehab suggest that it is very helpful to give yourself rewards for all the efforts and hard work you have done in making yourself better. And most of their rehab recovery programs teach patients the tools that help patients in developing self-love. Don’t let yourself to just live in the pain of substance addiction. Remember that you certainly deserve to be treated with full respect, admiration and love.

Journey Toward Self-Love and Self-Care

In developing self-love and self-care towards sobriety, even the small steps counts. Activities such as having a healthy diet, getting some exercise, having enough sleep are simple, yet very effective when it comes to taking care of yourself during the rehab recovery programs. Alcohol and Drug Treatment Care Rehab also suggest that it will be helpful to spend some time to practice spiritual approaches such as meditation and prayer. Through this, you start healing spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Another component of self-care and self-love is developing positive and healthy habits that have been disregarded during the substance addiction. Alcohol and Drug Treatment Care Rehab says that developing a healthy habit requires enough time and at least a month is needed for this new habit to take root and will certainly require the patient’s determination. In most cases, the new habit will be much easier to deal with and will become a common part of the patient’s life after a month.

Self-love and self-care does not mean being selfish. Loving and taking care of yourself is part of the recovery process as you begin to heal yourself from the destructive habit of substance abuse. Loving yourself during addiction recovery will help you develop self-growth and will let you heal and start building a life free from any substance abuse.

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