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Rocky Mountain Health Insurance

Insurance Plans

Insurance providers within the city provide the Monument HMO plan and Monument ONE plan. HMO stands for health maintenance organization. These plans give you access to certain doctors and hospitals that are within the network of the plan. A network has providers on it that have agreed to lower their rates for people on the plan. Under the HMO plan coverage is only provided if you see someone with their network of providers. HMO plans tend to have a low deductible and usually require co-payment when it comes to non-preventive services. There are three levels of coverage under this plan. There are the gold, silver, and bronze plans. The higher up the plan is the higher the premium is as well. However, this means more coverage for services and less of an out of pocket cost. All levels of plans cover substance abuse treatment. However, co-pays, coinsurance, and/or a deductible may apply when seeking substance abuse treatment. Make sure to double-check your own plan and level of coverage when seeking out treatment. It is important to understand all your costs and what you will be responsible for upfront. 

The Momentum ONE plan also has gold, silver, and bronze coverage. As with the previous plan you get the more coverage the higher the premiums are. That means less money out of pocket when it comes to expenses. With the less expensive plans, you pay more out of pocket when it comes to expenses. All the levels of coverage on the Momentum ONE plan cover substance abuse treatment. However, a copay, coinsurance, and/or a deductible may apply. It is important to factor in how much insurance will cover when deciding on a treatment plan. Other options to assist with payment may also be available. Make sure to speak with your insurance company about available plans and the best way for you to approach the cost of treatment.

Medicare and Medicaid Options

When it comes to treatment coverage one can also use Medicare and Medicaid to cover treatment costs. Medicare and Medicaid are accepted at centers in most major cities. When looking up Medicare coverage you may find that no category exists for substance abuse treatment. However, substance abuse treatment is covered when it is seen as reasonable and necessary. Outpatient and inpatient care is covered. The amount of coverage depends on the plan the individual chooses. Colorado Medicaid also covers substance abuse treatment. This also includes outpatient and residential services as well as other treatments. When searching for substance abuse treatment options they can usually be found in the behavioral and mental health sections of insurance company websites. If you are in search of a specific center be sure to check your insurance company’s website. You should be able to get information on whether or not the treatment is covered by your insurance plan. 

Insurance is a very case by case situation. The level of the plan you get determines how much you pay out of pocket. It can also affect the type of centers you are able to get care at. When deciding on what insurance plan to go with it is important to make sure that you are aware of all your options. Always check and see if payment plans or a sliding fee scale are options at the center of your choice. The expert advisors at each location can guide you through the financial options available. There is most likely a way for them to work with your situation even if your finances are tight. Regardless, the cost of treatment should never prevent anyone from getting the care they need. Treatment is something that should be available to everyone. No matter what your financial situation is there is a center that can help you get the affordable care you need.