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Detox Help in Centennial, Colorado

For most addicts, the first step in recovery is detoxification. Detox treatment facilities in Centennial, CO are secure and medically supervised, thus providing the safest possible space for this difficult process.

Detoxification, or detox, is the natural process in which your body gets rid of the buildup of drugs or alcohol in your system. Your liver, pancreas, and other organs clear out these toxic chemicals and allow you to enter rehab with a clear head.

Most people with a drug or alcohol dependency need to undergo a period of detox, which experts recommend doing under medical supervision. 

How long detox will take and how uncomfortable it will be depends on several factors:

  • Type of drug used
  • Duration of use
  • Dosage
  • Frequency of use
  • Patient’s overall health

Many addicts find detox frightening because they know the withdrawal symptoms will be painful. However, medical supervision and safety measures can help ease the process. Going ‘cold turkey,’ on the other hand,  is dangerous and could even be fatal.

In a detox facility, expert staff are available around the clock to help patients through the hardest parts of the process. Patients are in the best hands when it comes to recovery.

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Varieties of Detox

There are two different kinds of detox treatments: medically supervised withdrawal and social detoxification.

Medically Supervised Detox

Experts recommend medically supervised detox for patients hooked on alcohol, pain meds, sedatives, or opioids. Withdrawals from these substances are painful and often dangerous, but also manageable with the use of prescription detox medications.

Alcoholics in particular should always undergo medically supervised withdrawal. Without detox medication and gradual weaning from alcohol, they may experience dangerous withdrawal effects such as:

  • hallucinations
  • seizures
  • vomiting
  • night sweats
  • toxic shock
  • heart problems
  • strokes

Opioid users too face potentially serious symptoms, ranging from anxiety and depression to rapid pulse and stomach upset. Experts also recommend medically supervised withdrawal for anyone who is physically ill or has been diagnosed with certain mental illnesses.

Social Detox

Social detox is for those who will have mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms from a dependency on cocaine, meth, or other stimulants. It is also a good choice for users of marijuana or less frequent doses of opioids. Experts consider these types of addictions to be primarily psychological. Patients still struggle with their substance abuse, but not to the point where their withdrawal symptoms will be dangerous. 

During social detox, clients interact with each other rather than being sequestered in treatment rooms. This helps prepare them for the later phases of treatment, in which support groups and group therapy play a major role.

Social detox typically doesn’t require medication, but some stimulant users experience paranoia and suicidal urges in a condition called stimulant psychosis. This responds to medication, but in general the role of medical staff in social detox is only supervisory. They monitor patients’ well-being and provide emotional support during the cravings of withdrawal. This is a key factor in successful detox treatment. 

Treatment professionals decide which approach to use for detox based on the severity of the addiction and what type of environment best suits the patient’s mental state.

The road to recovery is long. However, with proper care and support it is possible for addicts to put their substance abuse behind them for good. Detox is the foundation that the rest of treatment will build on.

Taking the First Step

Although important, detox is still only a first step. It is unlikely to lead to recovery unless the patient enrolls in a rehabilitation program immediately after. Detox in combination with rehab, however, forms a comprehensive program for beating addiction. Recovery is possible!

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