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Addiction Rehab in Pueblo, Colorado

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Pueblo, CO

Pueblo, CO is home to four medal of honor recipients, more than any other municipality in the United States, but while we have much to be proud of we are not immune to the substance abuse crisis. Opioid use, which accounted for 9.5% of overdose deaths in Colorado between 2006 and 2012, is on the rise in Pueblo, as is abuse of meth and alcohol. Fortunately Pueblo offers a variety of treatment programs for people struggling with these substances and others. Addiction rehab has changed many people’s lives for the better.

Seeking Treatment

If you or a loved one are suffering, now is the time to get help. Addiction can affect all areas of life, contributing to job loss, financial strain, divorce and various other family difficulties. It can also make affected people feel that there is no way out. It is important to remember that this is not true.

Many addicts recover fully and go on to lead better lives, so don’t let addiction get the best of you or a loved one. There are many different treatment options out there. When looking at treatment centers be sure that the center offers a variety of treatments. Staff at the center should also be licensed professionals. Always make sure that the treatment being used has been proven to benefit those recovering from addiction.

Addiction Rehab Near You

Are you looking for addiction treatment in the Pueblo, CO area? Your options include inpatient, outpatient, and residential treatment programs. Hospital inpatient services can be found in neighboring Colorado Springs, while inpatient detox is available in La Junta and Denver. The town of Pueblo proper offers outpatient services only, but for some this is perfect as not everyone functions well under close supervision. Meanwhile, residential treatment is available nearby in both short-term and long-term variants, and some centers specialize in treating substance abusers who are also victims of sexual abuse or domestic violence.

It is understandable to worry about the cost of rehab, but important to know that there are many different payment options available. Treatment centers accept Medicare and Medicaid. Some also offer a sliding fee scale. There is no reason to let financial worries stand in the way of your recovery.

Traveling For Treatment Can Benefit Patients

A new environment can make it easier both to break old habits and to build constructive new ones. And, as substances are usually part of an addict’s daily routine, abandoning that routine can have great benefits for recovery. Instead of people and situations that have prompted substance use in the past, patients are now surrounded by supportive individuals engaged in the same struggle for sobriety. Together they are able to focus on recovery with few distractions or outside influences. This is the main benefit of seeking treatment out of town.

Another benefit is that distance often brings perspective. Patients are able to look at the situations they came from and more easily trace the roots of their substance issues, one of the main focuses of therapy during addiction treatment. Failing that, the distance at least deters those who might be tempted to quit treatment, as they can’t return home as easily.

Addiction Rehab Treatment Near You

In spite of the benefits of out-of-town treatment, some patients benefit just as much from staying close to home. A supportive circle of family and friends can do wonders during recovery, and leaving home can be scary and counterproductive for some people.

Those who undergo outpatient care near home are more likely to complete it. Such patients are also more likely to participate in aftercare following treatment, greatly improving their chances of staying sober long-term.

If you or a loved one are in need of addiction treatment in Pueblo, CO, our staff can assist with any questions or concerns you may have. Need help understanding addiction? Have questions about treatment? Call us today at 720-419-0378!