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Addiction Rehab in Aurora, Colorado

The Drug Crisis in Aurora, CO

Colorado currently has the ninth highest rate of drug use out of all 50 states, and the Denver suburb of Aurora is no exception. A survey of locals in the Denver, Aurora, and Broomfield areas found that 21 percent of people twelve and older had used an illicit substance within the past year. Meth and heroin injection appeared to be on the rise. Additionally, 27 percent of those surveyed had participated in an alcohol binge within the past month. College students in particular reported a rise in binge drinking and marijuana use. Alcohol abuse is only one of many substance-related issues facing Colorado, but still serves as an example of why, for some individuals, addiction rehab can be the difference between life and death.

Many if not most people experiment with substances when they are young. For some, however, this experimentation can lead to a lifelong struggle with substance abuse, and once an individual starts abusing drugs it affects every part of life. Family, friendships, careers and the addict’s own health are all likely to suffer. And while those on this dangerous and lonely path may feel there is no hope of getting better, treatment programs can serve as a reset button, helping addicted individuals get clean, develop new habits, and reclaim their futures from the grip of addiction. Taking the first step is up to you!

Start Addiction Rehab Today!

Are you serious about getting the treatment that you or a loved one needs? There is help available! Centers in Aurora offer a variety of 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day addiction rehab programs. Additional services, such as opioid addiction treatment, are available in neighboring Denver. Which service is best for you will depend on your history with substance abuse, the severity of the addiction, and other factors. It is important to choose a center that offers a range of treatment services. Make sure that the professional staff at the center you choose are certified and licenced professionals.

Interested in residential treatment? Aurora, CO offers long-term and short-term residential services. Concerned about finances? Centers in Aurora accept both Medicare and Medicaid. Many treatment centers also offer additional assistance with payment. And because we know that patients often need treatment for more than just substance abuse, special services are available for survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence. The first step is seeking out help; after that the path forward is much easier. Reach out to our professionals today at 720-419-0378 for more information!

Leave Your Comfort Zone Behind

Unfortunately, detoxification services are not available in Aurora, but they are offered in Denver and many other areas. Furthermore, the seeming inconvenience of traveling for treatment can turn out to be an advantage. Old surroundings tend to reinforce old habits, while a new environment often inspires new behavior and positive change. Out-of-town treatment also provides a valuable deterrent for addicts who want to leave treatment. A fresh start may be closer than you think!

Types of Treatment

When deciding where to go for treatment, patients must also decide what type of treatment they want. The three main types are long-term residential treatment, short-term residential treatment, and outpatient treatment. Which is best depends on the goals of the individual and how much support they need; the expert staff at a treatment center can help with this decision.

Long-term residential treatment is usually the best option for more severe addictions, as well as for those who feel they may need extra care and support. This type of treatment lasts six to twelve months. It is highly structured but takes place in a non-hospital setting.

Short-term residential treatment uses similar settings but for less time, catering to those whose substance issues are relatively mild. Aftercare following treatment is always recommended.

Lastly, outpatient treatment varies in length and intensity, but allows patients more independence than other types. This is ideal for those who can commute to treatment but still have family or career obligations preventing them from living in a treatment facility.

All types of treatment include group and individual therapy which often continues long after the rest of the program is over. Whichever type of addiction rehab a patient decides on, treatment is the best path to a better future.

Addiction Rehab Near You

Don’t want to travel for treatment? Despite the drawbacks mentioned earlier, getting treatment near where you live has its advantages. A loving group of trusted individuals can do a lot to motivate recovery, and a support system is essential for long-term sobriety. Getting treatment locally also makes it easier to transition to aftercare that will fit into your new routine.

If you believe you need substance abuse rehab treatment in Aurora, CO, our addiction specialists can help you get the information you need about recovery and the different options available. You don’t have to do this alone. Get in touch today by calling 720-419-0378 and change your future for the better!