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90-Day Treatment Program

90-Day Rehab in Centennial, Colorado

Ninety-day treatment programs are a perfect place to start the path to recovery. Patients receive the care and support they need and become substance abuse free. Ninety-day programs are considered long-term treatment programs. These programs are a big commitment for patients. Patients have different treatment options available. Outpatient and inpatient care are offered for 90-day treatment plans. All plans are made to fit each individual patient. That way the chance of a full recovery is higher. Those that suffer from mild addiction issues should look into shorter programs. However, those that have severe substance abuse issues will do better in a long-term treatment program. An individual who is suffering from severe substance abuse has allowed addiction to affect all areas of their life. This includes their health, relationships, and their work life. Once addiction has affected all those areas a person usually has no choice but to seek treatment. Other signs of severe addiction include not being able to control cravings and risky behavior. 

When deciding to start an addiction treatment program there is a process to it. Our 90-day rehab programs start as a general assessment. This is important for each individual patient. Every patient comes with a different past and a custom treatment plan must be provided. Therefore, an assessment of the patient is made based on how long they have been abusing substances. The type of substance being abused and the challenges the patient faces are also assessed. The patient then goes through detox. This allows the body to start treatment substance-free. Thirdly, the patient enters rehab where the underlying issues of substance abuse are addressed. Lastly, the patient enters aftercare and finds programs that will continue to assist them in staying clean. Recovery is a long journey. Many patients need the care and support of medical professionals to beat addiction. Oftentimes the support of family and friends isn’t enough for the addict to stay clean. 

90-Day Treatment That Works For You

The 90-day treatment plan can be taken as an inpatient program or an outpatient program. Which treatment approach a patient chooses depends on their history with substance abuse and what type of support they want in treatment. Inpatient treatment is perfect for patients who need more support. In inpatient treatment care patients receive care and support from medical experts at all hours. This is best for those who need to be looked after and want extra support. During this time patients go through the steps of treatment. They go through detox, rehab, and therapy. This allows them to confront their issues with addiction head-on. In outpatient care patients are given more freedom and flexibility. They are able to remain in their home and come to treatment daily. This is best for individuals who have a more mild addiction and don’t need 24-hour care. This type of treatment is less costly as well. Patients who feel comfortable going through treatment in a non-sober environment will thrive in this treatment style. Patients go to treatment daily and then are able to leave and resume day to day life. No matter what treatment type a patient chooses both involve the commitment to recovery.

What Happens in 90-Day Treatment

The process of recovery has many parts to it. Treatment is an intensive process. Firstly, each patient is individually assessed by the medical staff. That way the best treatment possible for the patient is decided on. This is based on my factors. The patient’s history with abuse, personality, and mental and physical issues. All that combined allows the medical experts to decide on the right treatment path for that individual. Custom treatment plans make for a better overall recovery. However, many parts of the 90-day treatment are the same for all patients. Following an initial assessment, a patient does a detox if needed. During this time the patient goes ‘cold turkey’ on all substances and gets the body clean of everything. Detoxing can be dangerous if not done under medical supervision. Detoxing from many substances is a painful process. With the care and support of a medical team detoxing is much better. Following detox, patients enter individual and group therapy. This is where patients learn about the reason behind their substance abuse. They also receive the support that is needed to get through recovery. Following treatment, many patients continue to go to less intense versions of individual and group therapy. During treatment, patients have the option of staying in beautiful and comfy accommodations. Patients always feel at home and looked after. There are also plenty of wholesome activities to keep patients busy during treatment. Plenty of exercise is encouraged. The 90-day treatment program is best for people with severe addiction. It allows them plenty of time to adjust to the day to day structure of treatment.

How do you know what to look for when deciding on a treatment place? That is a question many people want to know. The place that one picks to do recovery can determine the success of the recovery. It is a big decision and probably the most important when it comes to seeking treatment. Firstly, make that the treatment available is known to be effective for fighting addiction. There is nothing worse than wasting time and effort at a recovery center that didn’t offer the right tools to beat addiction. It is important to make sure that the therapy is evidence-based and proven to work. A recovery center that offers a variety of different treatments is key. The more options you have, the more likely that there is going to be one that works for you. Secondly, you want to make sure that the staff are medical professionals. This is very important. Addiction is an illness like cancer. You want to be sure you are being treated by professionals. When undergoing therapy in treatment you also want to make sure the staff are licensed, psychologists, or mental health professionals. Knowing that you are getting the best treatment available by skilled professionals is important. Lastly, check to see if the center can arrange aftercare for you. Aftercare programs include counseling and support groups. It is the best way to transition into normal life after treatment while maintaining the support a patient needs. These are all important things to look out for when deciding on the right treatment center for you.

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Although the road to recovery can be difficult, it is so worth it! It is possible to recover from addiction and live a sober lifestyle. Many of the patients have gone on to live sober, happy lives following treatment. The sooner you go to rehab the sooner your new life can begin. Medical experts can walk you through the process of choosing the recovery plan that will work best for you. If you are concerned about a loved one we recommended getting an interventionist to assist you with getting them the help they need. Whether you want to go to treatment for 30 days or 90 days, it will have a powerful impact on you. Once one becomes aware of what leads them to addiction it is much easier to break the cycle. Don’t allow yourself to stay stuck. All the tools, therapy, and support you need can be found in the treatment. The process of seeking out the help you need can be scary. You may not know what to ask or what information you need. Have questions or concerns about treatment? Give us a call today at 720-419-0378! The dedicated staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.