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60-Day Treatment Program

Substance Abuse in Centennial, Colorado

The 60-day treatment program in Centennial, Colorado gets patients clean. A 60-day addiction treatment program the perfect length for patients that want a program that is not too short or too long. The 60-day program is a good in-between length. As a first step in the direction of recovery, it may be perfect. Patients can always decide to continue with addiction treatment after the 60-day program. Studies show that longer treatments tend to be better for patients in the long run. When forming any habit it takes time to adjust to the new way of doing things. Recovery is no different. Patients have to give up their old habits of drug abuse and build new healthy habits in recovery. This is a process and it takes time. Those who are suffering from more severe addiction may want to consider a 60-day treatment. For those with very severe addiction, they may want to think about doing a longer period of time in treatment. The 60-day treatment is basically the same as the 30-day treatment. However, overall there is more time for recovery and the ability to be in a substance-free environment. For those who struggle with addiction and feel they need more than 30 days to get to full recovery, this is the perfect program. Substance abuse can be a challenge to recover from when you are in the same environment where you have abused substances before. When a patient is in the treatment they are able to build new habits in an environment that doesn’t have substances. This allows them to leave recovery sober with the tools needed to stay clean. If a patient or loved ones are unsure of what addiction treatment would be best we can always help! Our expert staff would be happy to give you the information you need for treatment. 

The Recovery Process

Patients who come to the recovery center receive personalized care. Every patient is seen as an individual. We know that patients come from a variety of backgrounds and different levels of substance abuse. There is no one size fits all when it comes to recovery. The recovery process is a challenge and customer care is key to recovery. During the treatment process, patients receive a combination of medical and behavioral therapies. This helps the patient to face their mental and physical addiction when it comes to substances. Without this recovery can be impossible. A patient must realize what has made them abuse substances in the first place. In treatment different types of therapy are offered such as cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational enhancement therapy. Therapy type depends on the needs of the individual patient and their past history. Patients do individual and group therapy during treatment. This provides them with a place to get support and share their journey in recovery. It is important that individuals are in a supportive environment during recovery. Substance abuse treatment is a hard process so having the care and support of medical staff is key to long-term recovery.

Choosing a 60-Day Treatment Style

An important thing to consider when starting a treatment program is what style of treatment works best for the patient. Some patients benefit more from one style of treatment than others. There are patients who need more care and support, while others would prefer to remain somewhat independent. This also has a lot to do with the history of the patient. How long have they abused substances? How much support do they need? Are they going to detox before starting treatment? These are all things to consider. Some patients may need more supervision. Others may feel more comfortable with less supervision. It may be smart to also be advised by one of our expert medical staff team members on what may work best for your individual situation. The main goal in treatment is to recover. We want to make sure each individual chooses the path that gets them to recovery in the fastest way possible. It can be a challenge to go in and out of rehab multiple times. By choosing a treatment plan that really fits the individual the chance of relapse is a lot lower. Therefore, it is important that each patient makes the right decision for themselves. When it comes to a 60-day treatment program there are two types of treatment offered. There is inpatient residential treatment and outpatient intensive day treatment. Regardless of what a patient chooses there is still therapy and a commitment from the patient that is needed. However, what is the difference? 

One type of treatment is more intense than the other. With inpatient residential treatment patients live full-time at a recovery center. This is for patients who have a more severe substance abuse issue. Twenty-four-hour care and support by medical staff is provided. The patient lives in a completely sober center. During the inpatient treatment, there is detox and rehab. Patients also experience group and individual therapy. Plans are made for how the patient can prevent substance abuse in the future. Overall, this is a much more hands-on approach to treatment. For those that want to be guided during the process of treatment, this is a great treatment option. However, if a patient is looking for a less intensive treatment then outpatient treatment is perfect. For those that suffer from more mild addiction issues and want to continue with their day to day, outpatient care is great. Patients have more flexibility and freedom in this style of treatment. They can continue to live day to day life while in treatment. Patients come to the treatment center during the day and then are able to go home after. This option is best for patients who are more responsible and do not need twenty-four-hour care and support. During treatment different therapy is offered to the patient. Once the treatment is over some patients then go to less intensive therapy or support groups. However, if a patient feels they need more care that is always an option as well. 

Benefits of a 60-Day Treatment Program

There are many benefits to a 60-day treatment program. Firstly, the program is longer overall. Therefore, patients have more time to adjust to rehab and focus on recovery. Thirty days can sometimes be far too short for some individuals. Patients struggling with severe addiction issues should consider longer treatment. The length of the 60-day program also allows patients to slowly get back into their day to day life. The process does not feel rushed at all. Sixty days is enough time to slowly adjust to treatment and afterward to slowly adjust back to normal life. If you are tight on money this is also a good option. The 60-day treatment is the most affordable treatment option. This type of program is also the perfect amount of time to know if you need further treatment. Following treatment, some patients may want to continue with more rehab. Others may want to do therapy or group therapy. However, some may feel completely recovered and ready to start a new future. What the situation, 60 days is enough time for a patient to know what their next step following treatment will be. Give us a call now 720-419-0378 and we can answer any questions you have about treatment and the programs available!