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30-Day Treatment Program

30-Day Treatment in Centennial, Colorado

In Centennial, Colorado we offer a 30-day treatment plan to get patients to full recovery. Every rehab program offers a variety of treatments to their patients based on their history with addiction. It all depends on a number of factors. This can range from how long the patient was addicted to and what substance was being abused. Different types of treatment are used to address the physical and mental effects of addiction. This includes a range of treatment options. Everything from family behavior therapy to detox to individual and group counseling. Detox treatment is a great way to begin the process of recovery. The patient must first go through a full detox of the substance. This way the body starts out in treatment without any substance in it. This makes recovery easier and more beneficial in the long run. If an individual does not go through detox first it can be hard for that person to have a full recovery. 

During the recovery process patients also receive a lot of other treatments. Individual and group counseling are available. This provides patients with a place to go to get support. The process of recovery is lonely and hard. Without support it is easy to fall back into bad habits of substance abuse. That is why counseling is key. It allows patients to express how they are feeling and what they are experiencing. This gives the expert medical staff an idea as well of how things are going for the patient. Different styles of therapy are also used during recovery. Patients have the option of receiving behavioral therapy, reinforcement therapy, and even motivational enhancement therapy. The background of the individual and their goals are what determines what type of therapy is best for them. All treatment plans are custom. No two patients are treated exactly the same. Therefore, the chance of recovery is much better. 

Types of Rehab Programs

When it comes to 30-day treatment programs there are two categories that treatment can fall into. Treatment can be inpatient residential treatment or inpatient hospital treatment or even a combination of the two. With inpatient residential treatment patients are given twenty-four-hour live-in care and support from staff. This is perfect for patients that need more support and care. Patients get full care from professionals. This includes daily activities and therapy. With inpatient hospitalization treatment the patient is able to return to their own home daily. The patients have a full-time schedule at the treatment center but do not live at the center. Instead, they commute from home daily. 

The day to day treatment is custom made for each patient so they receive the care and support they need. At the recovery center, the expert staff believes people can get clean. No matter their age, background, or how long they have been abusing substances. It is never too late to change. The habits of addiction can be broken for good. By doing an intensive treatment recovery program individuals can become clean. The path to recovery can be as short as thirty days. Do not underestimate your ability to change. Many patients go on to live a substance-free life.

How a 30-Day Treatment Program Can Help

When a patient decides to go into addiction treatment it is a big deal. Most importantly, it is a decision that can change a person’s life. Deciding how long to go to treatment is a big decision. A 30-day treatment program has a lot of benefits. Firstly, the program is only 30 days. For most people doing something for 30 days is not hard. Thirty days is long enough to make something a habit but short enough that the goal you are trying to reach seems possible. Patients who are in a short-term recovery program are more likely to complete it. The program goal feels possible because of how short it is. Another benefit of short term programs is that they are more focused. The treatment is short so the treatment moves along quicker. Everything is focused on how the patient can recover. There is no time to waste during a 30-day treatment program. All the focus for those 30 days is on recovery. The program is very intense. Even more so if the patient is doing inpatient care. Following the program a patient could continue with outpatient treatment instead. This is slightly less intense recovery and allows the patient to stay at their own home instead of at the center. Thirdly, another benefit of 30-day treatment is that the care overall is less expensive. Due to the fact that the program is so short it is not as expensive as getting inpatient care for a few months. Therefore, those who have financial issues would benefit from a 30-day treatment program. 

Although there are so many benefits you may be wondering what the drawbacks are. Why should you sometimes choose a longer treatment program versus a shorter one? Mostly, it depends on the individual. No person’s experience with substance abuse is the same. Every person has their own history of substance abuse. There are different levels of addiction and different lengths of time that people have been addicted to substances. Taking this all into account is important before deciding how long to go into treatment. With a longer program, there’s more time for the patient to fully recover. Sometimes 30 days can be too short of a time for patients to be able to change their habits. Thirty days of group and individual therapy can also be too short. Secondly, shorter programs may not leave enough time for patients to detox. Detoxing can be a long and painful process. However, it is necessary for a full recovery. Without detox, it may not be possible for an addict to recover. If a patient has a more extreme history with substance abuse a longer treatment program may be better suited for them. Those patients that have a more mild substance abuse history may benefit from a shorter and more intense recovery program. Regardless of what program a patient chooses, their care is always top-notch. Patients can expect to have the full support of the staff. We offer everything needed to finally beat addicted and get patients out of their toxic cycle. A better future is possible.

Start The Process to Recovery Now

There are many things to consider when choosing the right treatment program. Make sure that the staff at the center has the credentials needed. Also be aware of the cost of treatment and what you can financially afford. The level of support and the treatment offered is also important. A treatment program should match with the goals of the patient. Individuals should feel that they are receiving the best care and support possible. The end goal of all recovery programs is to get the person to be and stay clean. By making sure that the treatment program is the perfect one for the substance abuser, the chances of recovery will be much higher. Following treatment patients can continue on to get further treatment or return home. It is important that they are in an environment that helps them stay clean. A consistent schedule, the right support system, and using the tools gained in therapy are key to long-term recovery. Have questions or concerns about treatment? Want to ask about substance abuse? Need to get help for a loved one? Contact our team now at 720-419-0378. One of our expert staff members will be happy to help you.